Natural Dye Day

9:00 a.m. September 17, 2022 Forest Glen Preserve

Wanting a day of play out in nature?  Then you should come to Natural Dye Day at Forest Glen!

At natural dye day we dye samples of protein fibers (wool, silk, alpaca…).  If you are planning on dying you will have already measured out 20 or so .5oz  (about 15 grams) of fiber/yarn/roving.. and secured it so that it will not get lost in the dye pot.  I plan on having some fingering weight samples that you can buy if needs be.  You might also bring some larger pieces to use up any extra dye materials after everyone had dyed their samples.  It would be great if you labeled each of your samples so that you can identify which ones are yours AND of yours which ones went in which pot.  I like to letter or number mine using a bit of plastic milk jug.  I will provide a hand out where you can record the what was done to each sample

Why 20 or so?  We usually have 1 or 2 mordants, and  6-8 dye pots.  So, say we had 2 mordants and 6 pots, that makes for 12 samples right away, then if you wanted to do some over-dying you might want 2 extras for each over dye.  Maybe you wanted to try a light and dark, that would add to your count as well.  I usually prepare 20 and wish that I had done more.

In addition, you will want to bring lunch, drinks, something to share, chair, something to do while they dying happens, perhaps bug spray and suntan lotion (we are usually in the shade). Forest Glen usually provides coffee and lemonade in the cabin for us. If you were really into it, a set of hot pads/mitts and stirring sticks to share.

Last but not least a $5 donation for the woman that has to buy materials and print handouts.

20301 E 900 North Road
Westville, IL 61883

Samples from 2021