4 Shafts that Look Like More

October 6-7, 9-4:00 at Hessel Park Christian Church

Taught by guild member Sharon Bowles

4 shaft patterns ((that look like more) and their 8 shaft counterparts
This 2 day round robin workshop will look at some 8 shaft patterns that were
adjusted to create a 4 shaft pattern that gives a similar appearance without requiring
an 8 shaft loom. Laces with borders, weave structures with floats, and varied yarn
sizes, sett, color choices and double weaves (deflected) may be explored. Come
with your loom set up and prepared to be amazed with the 4 shaft “want-to-be’s”
and how good they look.
Students will weave 4 shaft samples and see examples of their 8 shaft counterparts.
Then students can weave a scarf or other functional item on their own loom
(dependent on size of samples and length of warp put on their loom), at the end of
the workshop or when they get home.
2 days, $150 for members