2021-2022 Programs

We were really hoping to have in-person meetings this year, but given the circumstances, we are deciding on a month by month basis. This page will be updated as locations are decided, and all the information will be in the newsletter.

September 14, 5:30-7:30 Hessel Park Pavilion (1400 Grandview Dr, Champaign, IL 61820): Show and Tell

Note the time change. We will gather at the pavilion to share what we have been working on and enjoy ice cream.

October 12, 6:30 via Zoom: Motif Handmade, Importing Handwoven Fabric from Bangladesh

Guildmember Jackie of Motif Handmade will talk about her business importing fair trade handwoven fabric, accessories, and home decor from Bangladesh.

November 9, 6:30 TBD: Crochet Coral Reef

This project seeks to simulate “living reefs using techniques of crochet to mimic in yarn the curling crenelated forms of actual reef organisms”. One of the organizers of the Champaign-Urbana Satellite Reef, University of Illinois professor Guen Montgomery, will speak to us about the project.

December 14, TBD

Janurary 11, TBD

February 7, 6:30 TBD, Knitting for Charity

Guildmembers Dottie Wolgemuth and Shirley Shore will talk about different opportunities to knit for charity.

March 8, 6:30 TBD, Becoming a Master Weaver

Guildmember and weaving teacher Sharon Bowles will talk about her experience in the Master Weaver Program run by the Weavers Guild of Boston and share some of her work.

April 12, 6:30 TBD, Mystery Writing

Guildmember Molly McRae will talk about her other creative endeavor, writing “gentle mysteries”.

May 10 End of Year Picnic

No location yet, but we will gather in person to eat and chat.